Kenya, Mukurweini AA
Kenya, Mukurweini AA

Kenya, Mukurweini AA

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The Mukurweini farmers group is another coffee that reaches you through Farm-to-roaster sourcing model. This model focuses on shortening the coffee value chain for smallholder coffee producers in Kenya, and as a result, empowering the producers. In this model, independent producers enter an agreement with our importers in-country partners, who provide them with technical, logistical, financial and commercial support day-by-day. In return, the producers deliver the dried coffee to the Kahawa Bora dry mill for milling, QC and export preparation. The coffee is then sold to our importers with transparent farm-return pricing, after reaching price agreements with the producers. 


taste notes Blackberries. Melon. Apples. Bright Acidity.

farm Mukurweini cooperative

region Mukurweini District - Nyeri County

variety SL34, SL28

process Washed

altitude 1600 - 2000 masl