Indonesia, Asman Arianto
Indonesia, Asman Arianto

Indonesia, Asman Arianto

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In 2018 Asman Arianto formed the Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative. The cooperative currently has over 300 members who deliver cherry to Arianto’s processing facility. Mixed varietals and makes this coffee unique. Abyssinia variety originally came from Ethiopia years ago. That gives this coffee fruitiness and slight bergamot taste like Ethiopian coffees. Asman pays a lot of attention to sorting the beans - he makes sure the coffee has no common Indonesian taste of tobacco, herbal and spice.


taste notes Blackberries. Backed apples. Brown sugar. Overall sweet.

farm Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative

region Pantan Musara Village

variety Abyssinia, Tim Tim, Gayo, Ateng

process Washed

altitude 1500 - 1700 masl