When it comes to the morning routine, we think about coffee as a ritual with its’ own essence. No rules can restrain a ritual as we are the only one who know how to spin the magic wand. Down below you will see our time-tested recipes with no intention to interrupt yours.

things we will need

— one —

Lets measure and grind

— two —

Grind setting

— three —

 - Insert a filter into the AeroPress's detachable plastic cap. Use hot water to wet your filter and cap. This removes unpleasant paper taste. 
 - Fasten the cap, make sure it sits tight. Place Aeropres on the mug and add coffee grounds.
 - The water should be around 85-90C degrees. Pour half of the Aeropress fast. Stir or spin the Aeropress for a few times. 
 - After pouring the water, insert the plunger and pull it up to stop dripping. Wait 1 min. 


— four —

Slow and easy

last but not least


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