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Indonesia, Asman Arianto

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Oliverio Lara Lopez

We chose this coffee for its' sweet and buttery flavour followed by a very balanced finish. This natural processesed Honduras is a true classics with a twist.

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Backstage House Blend

With a Latin American heart and soul, this blend is smooth and elegant. The bright acidity is mellowed only by its persistent caramel and orange finish. This blend made for espresso, Moka-pot or even Aeropress with rich mouthfeel, notes of chocolate, orange and caramel with soft acidity.

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Kenya, Mukurweini AA

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about Kenyan coffee is “acidity". Generally, we look for complex,  black currant, grapefruit or kaffir lime, mouthwatering notes of tomato or tamarind, and sparkling tropical fruit like acidity. 

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Costa Rica, Luis Campos

Luis Campos is most well known for his experiments with anaerobic fermentation. A process method very common in the production of wine.

The balanced acidity and sweet aftertaste of the coffee uses the cinnamon note to bring forth memories of apple pie and apple jacks cereal.

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Home Brewing Equipment

Break a common misconceptions that the taste of home-brewed coffee can’t match that from the café. Actually it could be the other way around.


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Aeropress KIT

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Clean & silky

Hario V60 KIT

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